Our Strategy

What Do We Look For In A Deal?

Odyssey Real Estate Group invests in multifamily properties, primarily in the New York and Philadelphia metro areas. We also review deals in select emerging markets throughout the country.

Market and sub-market selection is a very important component of our investing. Ideally, our market is seeing steady and above average job growth, population growth, and rent growth. More locally, we seek to acquire properties that are in the “path of progress”.

Our deals are either distressed real estate assets or ones with a value-add component. That is, an opportunity for us to improve the property’s net operating income thus increasing property value. This is achieved through increasing revenues, decreasing expenses, and improving management efficiencies.

We believe in long term wealth generation through real estate and do not often sell. Rather, we prefer to implement our value add strategies and return capital within 2-5 years depending on the deal. At that point, we will have a well located, cash flowing asset with zero cost basis.

If you think this type of investing may align with your investment goals, please click the button below to fill out an investor questionnaire and join our investor deal room.

We’ll connect and see if investing with Odyssey might be a good fit based on your goals.


Odyssey identifies opportunities, negotiates deals, conducts due diligence, and arranges financing.


Investors have the opportunity to become passive equity partners in the deal.


Odyssey executes the business plan  through renovations, increasing revenue, and improving management.


Odyssey’s preferred exit strategy includes returning capital via refinance but may be a sale depending on market conditions.

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